Where has the time gone!

It is April 7th, and I haven’t had my taxes done yet!  Although I have gathered my materials, I am still searching for a tax preparer familiar with clergy income taxes.  I made the horrible mistake one year of having a “nationally known tax service” prepare them.  The cost was substantially more than my clergy colleagues said that they pay.

Now I’m scrambling to find someone to prepare my taxes.  Of course, “Google” was my first reference point.  I landed on the site “Davis Associates.”  They offer seminars on “Church Accounting and Clergy Taxes (http://www.davisassociatescpa.com/seminar.html).  But they are located in Florissant, MO.  I need someone closer to home, so I narrowed my search and landed on “Clergy Financial Resources” https://www.clergytaxnet.com/taxprep.htm?keyword=clergy%2520tax&gclid=CL-p5Oau5MQCFUEV7AodliMAuw.  But they are in Minnesota, I need someone closer!

Suddenly, I realized that I work at a seminary.  I am surrounded by clergy.  I will just ask them for a reference!  Sometimes, we are so focused on the problem, that we cannot see the fruit hanging off of the trees.  Do you know someone who does clergy taxes?  Send me the information.  I will add it to my list of resources.

From Dr. Debra’s Desk