Food Faith Fitness Finance

I have always struggled with integrating these principles into my hectic life.  However, since I became intentional about developing healthier spiritual, financial and eating habits, I look for ways to accomplish this  goal.  Therefore, I have embraced the struggle.

The first thing that I noticed, after stocking my pantry, is the amount of money I save by not eating out.  I have become an avid fan of Sandra Lee.  Sandra Lee is committed to saving money!  Her daytime cooking series, “Sandra’s Money Saving Meals,” features “incredible budget-friendly recipes for every day of the week, all based on her commitment to developing ‘accessible, aspirational and affordable’ meals.  In addition to maximizing cost-saving success, “she shares unique ideas for savvy supermarket shopping and proper pantry stocking while highlighting each meal’s unbeatable total price point. Sandra then prepares clever leftover dishes from each episode called ‘”Round 2 Recipes.”


I’ve actually made two of her recipes.  The “Egg Plant Parmesan” cost about $5.47 for a serving for four (  I love her “Lemon Pepper Chicken!”  I actually use boneless chicken thighs, which are a little cheaper and tenderer than breasts (


Eat healthy!   Save money!  Integrate these faith principles into your life.  Embrace the struggle!  Lol!