The Financial Leadership for Ministry Program at Memphis Theological Seminary is blessed by a group of financial planners who volunteer their time to assist MTS students address the economic challenges facing future ministers (

The need for financial planning at an earlier age has been documented by the statistics gleaned from the various seminaries that participate in the Lily Foundation’s grant to address these issues.  Yet, short of requiring students to take advantage of this valuable asset, we find that students are unwilling to take advantage of this blessing.

I want to take a moment to thank the financial advisors of the FLM program.  The scene in this video may be over the top (, yet, I recognize that your willingness may go unappreciated by the lack of enthusiasm by students who desperately need your gifts.  Thank you for all that you do in FLM’s efforts to “Re-Discover God’s Economy and live a 4G life.”  As financial planners, you understand that this transformation requires “long term evolution,” yet, you continue to collaborate with FLM.  Thank you!


Dr. Debra

*video submitted by Sherila Jones-Tuggle, current student in the FLM class.