sandrabaileySandra Quinn (Bailey) is a native Memphian and principal owner of Women Financial Power.  The truth is; it’s not about accumulation, but cash flow, never running out of money; protecting yourself and your family.  Her focus is working with successful individuals and business owners who are concerned with paying too much in taxes, planning for retirement, and market volatility.  As clergy, you may not have a retirement plan.  Let’s discuss your options.  What are your goals?  If you currently have a retirement plan; is it sufficient for your personal and business needs? Have you set goals for your church & congregation? Educating you on the simple basics is her plan.  How we survived during the great depression when the banks and businesses closed their doors.  She believes social security will be there, but ‘full” benefits, not so sure.  If you have a pension, will your full benefits be paid to you at retirement?  Are they guaranteed? Matthew 7:24-27; Build your house upon a rock. Live beneath your means, track your expenses, transfer your risk, and leave a legacy. As Warren Buffett said: “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1. Sandra has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1980 and acquired the Property & Casualty, Life, Accident and Health Producer license.  She has also earned the following designations: INS, General Insurance Program in 1989; AU, Associate in Underwriting in 1994; CIC, Certified Insurance Counselor in 1997 and AINS Associate in Insurance Services in 2012.  Being a member of NAIFA (National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors) keeps her on top of her industry. After leaving corporate, Women Financial Power was established as she believe in empowerment.  This has offered Sandra the opportunity to facilitate seminars for federal government employees, businesses and churches. She is also a Regional Manager with Rasberry Producer Group as she enjoys working with independent life insurance agents and advisors who include life insurance in their practice.  Sandra believes people do business with those they know, like & trust. Life is short so let’s enjoy it!