On December 2, 2013, the Lilly Foundation announced that Memphis Theological Seminary (MTS) would share in an award of more than $12.3 million as part of an initiative to address economic issues facing future ministers.  In an effort to address these issues, MTS developed a Financial Leadership for Ministry course.

The FLM course specifically addresses the following:

  • How will you as a minister develop an approach to both personal and church finances that will reflect your theological convictions?
  • How will you organize your own finances and provide leadership within your church in addressing financial matters?

In this course, students will seek to answer those questions by considering biblical and theological resources for developing a theology of finance, along with developing the tools needed for personal financial planning and the management of finances in a church setting.

The Financial Leadership for Ministry program at Memphis Theological Seminary includes a course that is provided each semester where students  seek to increase financial literacy while also considering biblical and theological concepts of finance and stewardship. This course is designed for students to  develop the tools needed for personal financial planning and the management of finances in a church setting.

Course Goals

  1. Scholarship: develop a critical understanding of theologies of finance and money and how they draw upon biblical, theological, and cultural resources

  2. Piety: develop one’s own theological understanding of finances and money and how that understanding can be integrated with personal financial practices and pastoral leadership within the church

  3. Justice: gain an understanding of the relationship between personal finances, and church finances within the cultural and institutional dynamics in contemporary society

Auditing a course allows for a student to be able to get the information that comes with taking the course but without the grade. Auditing is strictly for the purpose of enrichment and educational knowledge. If you are interested in auditing the FLM Course please click on this link to reserve your spot….

NCP is designed for persons who are active in congregational life but not interested in pursuing a Masters level degree. Click this link to find out more about the program and how Financial Leadership for Ministry plays a part in the program.

Here are some previews of the courses we offer.

Spring 2014:
FLM Course Spr 2014.Syllabus(1)

Fall 2014:
FLM Course Fall 2014.Syllabus(1)

Spring 2015:
FLM Course Spring 2015.Syllabus(1)

Spring 2016:
FLM Spring 2016 Course Syllabus.Tuesday(1)

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